Glass grinding machines

Glass grinding machines are designed to edge flat glass mostly from 3 to 20mm thickness of flat glass.

This glass grinding machine can be also set up as glass beveling machine, by simple lever lift, with which you can set angle of desired beveling of flat glass.

Horizontal glass grinding machine BR 230


FEROPROFIL Horizontal glass edging machine BR 230 is belt glass sander machine unique due to its two-cylinder construction.

The front contact roller has a diameter of 230 mm and is housed in a protective steel casing for safety. The belt sander is easily controlled by moving the lever back and forward in order for the main cylinder to sharpen the required edges and forehead of the flat glass.

Technical information
– Motor: 3×380 V / 1,1 kW, 1400 rpm.
– Belt speed: 12,4m/s
– Contact roller diameter: 230mm
– Sanding belt: 100 / 1830mm
– Working table: 2400 / 640mm
– Finish: hot dip galvanized + comaxid

– Depth: 1450mm
– Width: 1240mm
– Height: 1350mm

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