Glass drilling machines

Glass drilling machines are designed for drilling flat glass, mostly from 3 to 20mm thickness of flat glass.

The most important part of drilling is, that drilling itself must be done by from both sides of flat glass, because drilling from one side can cause flat glass breaking or the drilled hole edges can be chipped of.

Most used diameters of drill bits are from 3 up to 100mm (bigger diameters are not so usual).

Products that we recomend as glass drilling machines:


Vertical glass drill VS 75


Double – sided vertical diamond drilling machine is designed for drilling holes from Ø 4mm to Ø 75mm average. When using the inverter can drill holes up to Ø 100 mm.

FEROPROFIL drilling machines are equipped with changeable rings for varied drilling sizes in order to maintain maximum pressure ( please refer to video for more details ).

During the drilling process a cooling liquid is sprayed into the cavity of drill bit to facilitate the process. This process can be regulated by the operator of the machinery during the drilling process.

Technical information
– Motor: 3x400V, 2x 0,37 kW, 1400 rpm.
– Hole diameter: 4-75mm
– Drilled glass thickness: 3 – 20mm
– Working table: 1250 x 720mm
– Finish: comaxid

– Depth: 1000mm
– Width: 1240mm
– Height: 1750mm

A sliding lath can be pulled out to facilitate the process as well as a height adjustable stand for ease of use for larger formats / products.


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